Abalone Diving

In March I went on an abalone diving excursion with a group of underwater hockey players (that is a thing!) at Walsh Cove, Ca. We stayed at the gorgeous Ocean Cove Campground. Early in the morning on Saturday they got geared up and jumped into very cold water in search of their quarry, a large, edible mollusk whose harvest is closely monitored and regulated. Since I'm neither a diver nor an underwater hockey player, I stayed on the shore and sketched them from a safe perch on the cliff above the cove.

The Panhandle & Golden Gate Park

I live close to the Panhandle and Golden Gate Park in the Haight neighborhood of San Francisco, so I spend a lot of time sketching there. That means I draw a lot of people walking places and running places.

Postcard Club

I'm in an informal club with a group of friends who swap postcards through the mail. These are a few of the cards I've sent. Clearly,  food is an important theme for me. (The final image is of my friend's dog, Penny, who is  wearing a doggy life vest that is -- delightfully -- manufactured by a company called "Outward Hound".)